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Products - Blank & Colour Labels and Ribbons


The manufacturing of our Self-Adhesive Labels and Tags is done inhouse in our production facility. Labels are available on numerous substrates ie: semigloss, thermal, dairy film, vellum, etc. We specialize in Die Cut Labels – blanks and colour, by means of Rotary Die Cutting. (Rotary die cutting is die cutting using a cylindrical die on a rotary  press. Raw material is fed through the press into an area known as a “station” which holds a rotary tool that will cut out label shapes. It is also possible to cut labels into A4 sheets).


Colour Label Printing is done on a Mark Andy 6-Colour Flexographic machine. Images are transferred onto the label by means of Flexo
Polymer plates, which transfers ink onto the substrate. UV Varnish Coating and Lamination of colour labels are additional options available on the Mark Andy press.


WAX. It makes no compromise between price and quality in order to match standard wax labelling applications.

PREMIUM WAX. Delivers consistent print quality on any kind of paper label materials. It prints high density legible barcodes and traceability data for short life labelling needs.

HIGH PERFORMANCE WAX. It offers all the benefits of a general purpose wax ribbon with and improved print durability and a capability to print on synthetic label materials.

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